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Self-Published Author Turned Actor Talks About ‘Never Giving Up’ on Your Dreams


VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How did your journey start as an author?

LESLEY ‘LEZ’ WHITE: My journey started when I was asked to put an ad in underground magazine.  Sounds crazy but… Long story short, I wasn’t able to put the ad in the magazine.  After this was discovered we had a long conversation about the content.  The owner stated to me that he wanted to include a story about a drug dealer.  During this time (early 90s) there were tons of books being written about Street Pharmaceutical Sales Men.  I gave him a few suggestions on how he could make the story better and engaging for his audience.  He asked me to be the author.  I was a little hesitant, as I have never written a book before. I enjoyed English in school, but again had never written a book. I accepted the offer and here I am today.

VERSAFI: That’s awesome on how you got started as an author. There are so many different stories the magazine hears about the journeys of authors. I’m here for it!  A lot of authors are self-publishing their books now. How has the process been for self-publishing your books?

LEZ: Self-Publishing was the best choice I could have made.  It allowed me to have creative control, determine what my deadlines would be, no and, one gets a percentage of the money that I earn.  One of the greatest things that I have gained is independence and knowledge.  I am a firm believer in the adage, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

VERSAFI:  There are a lot of authors who do self-publish their books and they love it! Also you mentioned no one gets a percentage of your money! How awesome is that to keep all the proceeds from each sale? That is a great feeling! So, how many books have you written in total and what genre do you write on?

LEZ: I have written a total of three books, two of which are self-published Urban Fiction; A Lesson Learned and Choices.    Both can be found on Amazon and autographed copies can be purchased via my website  The third book focuses on customer service, a big stretch from Urban Fiction, but I’m really big on promoting OUTSTANDING customer service.

VERSAFI: By reading your bio, you definitely are a true example of a boss babe!  Now with being a cast member of ‘Real Women of RVA’ how does it feel to be a part of a sisterhood with the other ladies?

LEZ: It’s a different experience because you’re put in a front of a camera as you get to build relationships with women that you don’t know.  Getting to know the ladies was challenging because it took me a minute to form friendships/sisterhoods/relationships with people I don’t know, and also because my schedule often took me away from the activities that B.L.U.N.T. organized for us.

VERSAFI: Yeah I get what you mean when you said it took you a minute to form good business relationships and good friendships with the ladies. It can be very hard at times! Take heed on these reality shows where there is a lot of drama and fights! LOL. Tell us a little bit more about ‘Everyday People 365’

LEZ: EveryDay People 365 (EDP365) was created to reach to everyday people.  I wanted to create a platform for individuals to be able to have a voice.   It started as an online magazine which included monthly topics such as: Grown Folks Business (Adult topics), Health and Wellness, Entertainment, an Authors page, Entrepreneurs spotlight, and Fashion.  I later went on to start Everyday People 365 Facebook live shows, which currently airs every Tuesday at 7pm-EST.  One of the great things about starting this platform is that I’ve been able to meet a number of dynamic people.


VERSAFI: I like that whole vibe! The whole ‘Lez Cover to Cover’ Brand is amazing! What message do you want your supporters and target audience to know about your brand?

LEZ: I want the audience to know that I continue to work hard to take my brand to new levels.  For anyone who is getting their feet wet as a Brand Builder, Entrepreneur, or Business Owner NEVER give up. Understand that building and reaching goals is a process.  Some days will be more challenging than others, but that’s when you have to take a step back, regroup, and find the lesson in things that didn’t work.  On the days when you excel, don’t get comfortable, strive for more, strive for greater! I also extend the opportunity to your readers to promote on any of my platforms. I offer webinars and promotional packages.

VERSAFI: Awesome! Thank you for that wonderful tip Lez! And yes we can’t never give up! I think a lot of business owners or entrepreneurs that quick too soon is because not doing the homework or pushing harder. Success doesn’t happen overnight! You got to grind 24/7! Well said! Besides being on the show, do you have any other projects you are working on with your business ventures?

LEZ: My organization titled Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (EBO) just launched in August 2020, and we’re doing BIG things. We celebrated Black Business Month by honoring two businesses here in Richmond.   I just started a Credit Restoration business, and I have a big project scheduled to launch early 2021.

VERSAFI: Congrats on that! Black businesses is on the rise! So, what is next for Lez?

LEZ: What’s next is to keep striving for greatness!

VERSAFI: Alrighty then! Let the readers know how they can connect with you.

LEZ: Website: (Here they will find all that my brand umbrellas)

Please join my FB Group: EBO and Friends –

VERSAFI: Well thank you so much Lez for stopping by and telling everyone about your business, your journey as a self-published author and giving us great tips on not giving up on our business!


LEZ: Thank you for this opportunity!




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