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Brandy VS Monica: The Detailed Version of the Battle

The Verzuz Battle with Brandy and Monica was live in Atlanta in one of Tyler Perry’s studio.  Before the battle started, there was a surprise call from the running Vice President Kamilah Harris. Now that is a way to start the show! She immediately shows love to both Brandy and Monica as well as reiterating the vote for this November’s election.



Round One:

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Brandy Versus Monica battle in ATL.  The bell has rung and its time to get down to business.  Brandy kicking off the first round with her Dark Child produced song “What About Us” from her 2002 album Full Moon. Monica turnt up with her 2010 single Everything to Me from the album Still Standing. Even though her vocals were good and in control, it was not enough to win round one!

Winner: Brandy


Round Two:

Still on the 2002 Full Moon effect, Brandy played a “fan-favorite” “He Is” which harmony was no joke! Brandy has all the crazy harmony on her songs where its mesmerizing. Monica went in and played Dozen Roses featuring the hip hop star herself Missy Elliot. Monica took it there since things started shaky in round one. She proved why her, and this luminary artist made a great team. Brandy said to Monica “You and Missy have a magical chemistry”

Winner: Monica


Round Three:

Brandy is still taking us on that journey with Full Moon with the album title track Full Moon. She has not hit the brakes yet and we are just loving it! But will it be enough to win this round? Monica puts it down with the single (and one of my fave) So Gone on her 2013 album After the Storm. Both Brandy and Monica were both talking about the situation where Monica was kicking in doors. Monica stated on stage that “I’m done kicking in doors” I hope so to Monica!

Winner: Monica


Round Four:

Man, this was a tough round! Both artists played singles from their very first debut album and I love both! Brandy took us there with there with her very first single I Wanna Be Down on her debut album Brandy. She talks about the first-time meeting Tupac in the 90’s and heard a soundbite from his 1996 single Me and my Girlfriend which ignited her song. Great taste! Monica decided to take it back as well playing a single from her 1995 album Don’t Take It Personal. Brandy admitted when she first heard that song, she was asking herself “Who is that with all of that confidence?” She wanted to do a song with Monica.

Winner: Brandy


Round Five:

Brandy spilled out her 1995 Baby single from her first album singing acapella showing off her harmonic tunes while Monica cranks it up a notch with the single Like This and Like That from the Miss Thang album where she recorded at just the tender age of 12! Way to go Mo! But sorry, Brandy got you on this round!

Winner: Brandy


Round Six:

Wow! This is a great round because both songs are bangers! Brandy choose a single form her sophomore album Never Say Never called Angel in Disguise where she sampled from the singer Joe. Monica comes out with U Should’ve Known Better which matched to the heartbreak remedy. She ended with another great acapella version. That voice!

Winner: Monica


Round Seven:

Both Monica and Brandy played some soul-searching and deep singles during this round. Before Brandy played her track, she recites an emotional poem she wrote to honor some great people that we lost and that have impacted her in her life. She pays homage to the Black Community such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston then played the single from the Set it Off soundtrack called Missing You recorded alongside with Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight and Tamia. Monica as well shows love to the Bryant family by playing For You I will from her 2003 album After the Storm. She also talked about how Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s wife loves that song til this day. Monica also mentions that she was 17 when she did that song and it was for the movie (soundtrack) Space Jam. Monica tells Brandy “The magic you made was insane”

Winner: Tie


Round Eight:

Brandy recites another poem about love and takes another journey to her sophomore album and reminisce about the pressure of love with Almost Doesn’t Count. Monica keeps the train rolling with Why I Love You So Much from her Miss Thang album. As you may know Monica remains control of her vocals and gives us that fiery taste at the end of the song.

Winner: Another Tie


Round Nine:

During this round, both Brandy and Monica realized that they reached 1.2 million views during the battle. Brandy takes a request from her opponent and springs out with the 90’s break up anthem Brokenhearted featuring Wanya Morris. Monica followed behind with the 2010 single Love All Over Me, but it does not win the round. Brandy takes the win!

Winner: Brandy


Round Ten:

They took a quick intermission break where the DJ was playing some old mixes. Once they got back to the battle, Monica will be taking the lead for the remainder of the ten rounds. She starts off and plays her club banger Anything (To Find You) with Rick Ross and Lil’ Kim which sampled Biggie’s Who Shot Ya. Then Brandy plays the 90’s track from her Never Say Never album with Top of the World featuring Ma$e. That song gets me every time! A great song to choose from the bag Brandy! Way to start off the second half!

Winner: Brandy


Round Eleven:

After everything Monica has gone through in her life and in relationships, she plays her single Still Standing with Ludacris which is still a favorite. So, with Brandy’s turn to play another banger, she plays Borderline form her new album B7.  I think it was a little bit too early to bust out with the new joint. Sorry Brandy, but Monica won this round!

Winner: Monica


Round Twelve:

While talking about the importance of being independent and playing her 2010 single Commitment which soared to #1 on the Billboard’s Adult songs airplay chart. Brandy then pulls out her Grammy-nominated duet with R N B singer Daniel Caesar called Love Again. Brandy proudly runs across the finish line with this round!

Winner: Brandy


Round Thirteen:

Going back down the 90’s memory lane once more, Monica grabs out of her rabbit hat Slow Jams, a hot and spicy duet with the U-S-H-E-R Raymond himself. Monica has officially stolen the moment and you can definitely see the steam as their voices turn into one claims Monica. Brandy removes the steam and blows out the fire with Put it Down featuring VA R N B singer Chris Brown. Even though that was a hot song off her 7/11 album, it was not enough to put out all the flames in this round.

Winner: Monica


Round Fourteen:

It’s a 90’s kind of world! Monica unleashes The First Night produced by Jermaine Dupri himself that comes out of being lusty on the first night. Brandy takes a dive into her Afrodisiac album song Who Is She 2 U. This round ended with a tie.

Winner: Tie


Round Fifteen:

Monica brings another heat single with Missy Elliot Knock Knock off her After the Storm Album. Brandy takes it way back to her debut album again with Best Friend in which she recited another one of her poems before dedicating it to her brother Ray J. While the track was playing, Ray J went on stage and gave his sister a quick hug. Aww! Sister and brother love! Then the theme song from the 90’s sitcom Moesha came on and lasted only five seconds since Brandy didn’t want to get sued.

Winner: Monica


Round Sixteen:

Monica was talking about “the white shoes” which played a significant role in the La-shot video Before You Walk Out of my Life from her Miss Thang album. Before Brandy introduced her next song Sitting Up in my Room, she explains the story behind it. She always wanted Babyface to produce one of her tracks. Her name was shouted out on a record by Biggie Smalls Biggie via Life after Deaths. Another great way to end the round!

Winner: Brandy


Round Seventeen:

Monica played another Jermaine produced hit Every time tha Beat Drop featuring Dem Franchize Boyz. She gives them a little bit of a street taste. Before Brandy plays Talk About Love featuring Kanye West, she breaks into a harmonic sound singing Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come speaking about the importance of voting and staying positive during this hard tie. With her awesome solo and track, it gave her the extra points to win this round.

Winner: Brandy


Round Eighteen:

Monica digs back to her 2007 album and pulls out Sideline Ho which speaks on being the second option in a marriage. Both Brandy’s and Monica’s adlibs off the word ‘ho’ as Brandy tries to harmonize it. Brandy plays Put That on Everything from her sophomore album. Instead of being on the sideline, Monica is definitely on the front line with this round!

Winner: Monica


Round 19:

With the winding down and with one round left, Monica dubbed another hot duet filled with harmonies off of Keyshia Cole’s album with Trust. Both singers have range and that song fit both of their voices. Brandy went in with the baby-making record and track Where You Touch Me which earned a lot of the crowd’s participation. Welp, you already know who won this round!

Winner: Brandy


Round 20: The Final Round

Monica went in on the single Just Right for Me featuring Lil Wayne while Brandy went in with her 1999 ballad Have You Ever which she dedicated it to Monica. I thought that was a nice thing to do and a nice way to end the last round. Monica admitted to Brandy that The Boy is Mine was missing something and it was Brandy. She was not able to release it until Moesha was on it! That song brings life! That is the last song they play at the end of the battle with Brandy jamming along while Monica does not really sing along but grins along with the song.



The score is tallied up and it looks like Brandy is the winner! Congratulations to both Monica and Brandy on these hot tracks’ you guys shared! Both ladies came through to the ATL and brought their music SWAG. You can never enter these two epic R N B Queens into a real competition because they are all winners with some dope albums. They each started their career at the exceedingly early age and worked hard to make it this far still making good music that you can bob your head to without the beat or lyrics never getting old.


Patrice Rivers is a 9x author, freelance writer, journalist and Owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand LLC Learn more by visiting her website at www.thatriverzgurlbrandllc.com






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