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10 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

With the pandemic still going on, you should still be filling your mind, body and soul with great spirits! Since March, depression has raised, the stress levels has rise and a lot of people have lost their jobs as well as family members during this dark moment of the World. If you are a business person working from home or a full-time entrepreneur, you might want to consider listening to some of these podcasts. Whether you are looking for new opportunities to grow your business or become a guest on a show, these podcasts and boss babes behind the brilliance and hard work has paved the way for business owners!


  1. Ambitious Souls Podcast with Princess James; a soon-to-be-author

  2. Boss in the Making with Felicia Braxley who is an author, entrepreneur and publisher

  3. Convos with Kisha with LaKisha Mosley who is an event planner, entrepreneur, mentor and blogger

  4. Editors Knows Best with CaTyra Pollard, an editor, entrepreneur and author

  5. Real Talk the Podcast with Kimberly Lawson

  6. Glamitious IAM with Lillie Mae

  7. Katara’s Cafe with Katara Johnson

  8. It’s A TRGB Thang! Podcast with Patrice Rivers, author, entrepreneur, writer and journalist

  9. All About the Authors with Martinque Brown, radio show host

  10. The Renee Sunday Show with Renee Sunday

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