Self-Care Tips


Take a deep breath, exhale slowly while closing your eyes. That is the power of relaxing and not thinking about work, projects, school, the kids or your husband/wife. We all need that “me” time where we can just kick up our feet and relax without thinking. And with this crazy pandemic and other craziness in the world today, it’s definitely important to keep your mental health in check as well as spending more time with yourself. Looking for some interesting and exciting ways to make your self-care routine fun? Check out this tips below!


  1. Binge out on movies whether it’s Netflix or another streaming platform. Okay so that’s not creative, but who doesn’t enjoy being lazy and watching movies all day? I know I do!

  2. Inhale! Exhale! Enjoy some breathing exercises for about 30 minutes to clear your mind off of the craziness that’s been going on while meditating. 

  3. Listen to an uplifting podcast. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to an inspirational podcast to lift up your spirit? We have to feed ourselves positive nourishment so that we can be positive. 

  4. Get your Coloring on! These cute little adult coloring books are amazing and trust me they are relaxing! They don’t cost that much and some of them comes with the color pencils. 

  5. Try a new hobby! Get out of your comfort zone  and try something new! I learned how to make bracelets and earrings a couple of years ago and I enjoy doing it. 

  6. Watch a new work-out program to make your routine fun. Have you tried Zumba?

  7. Laugh! Even with everything that’s going on in the world whether you are infected by it or not, you got to laugh to keep from crying! Crank out those funny YouTube or Tiktok videos.

  8. Listen to your favorite songs! If you like to sing-along to songs, create a playlist on your phone and play it whenever you need to unwind.

  9. Plan a paint-a-project day. Go to the art store and get some great things that you could paint. Painting soothes the heart, mind and soul! I love to paint myself.

  10. Journaling! This self-care tip never gets old! Whatever you are feeling, try getting a notebook or a journal and write down some of your thoughts. You will be amazed how it will make you feel afterwards. 



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