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Author S. Frost Shares Writing Experience and Published Books

VERSAFI THE BLOG: How did your journey as an author began?

S. FROST: Since I was a kid, I would all write things down. Soon I started writing poems that lead to chapters here and there. Finally, my family encouraged me to finish a book, and I did.

VERSAFI: Was becoming a writer something you always wanted to pursue?

S. FROST: I never thought about becoming a writer when I was younger. I always thought I would become an actress until I found out I have stage freight.

VERSAFI: Who motivated you?

S. FROST: The people who motivate me are my husband. He’s always the first one to cheer me on. Then I have my sister and a cousin who are always encouraging me to keep writing.

VERSAFI: What inspired you to write your first book?

S. FROST: Believe it or not, Fifty Shades of Grey inspired me to write my first book. I figured if that E.L. James could write a book like that and make it work, I just thought I could too. I love that book.

VERSAFI: How does it feel to be a published author?

S. FROST: It feels great to be a published author. To know I created something that will stand the test of time. Plus, I love knowing that I created something that people take the time to read.

VERSAFI: Since becoming a published author, what challenges have you faced if any?

S. FROST: One of the biggest challenges I have had to face since becoming a published author is learning the business. Most people think it a simple as writing a book and getting it published. Then that’s the ending. When the truth is, if you want to sell your book, that’s just the beginning.

VERSAFI: What genre do you write on?

S. FROST: I mostly write interracial romance and suspense. I have written a few books in paranormal.

VERSAFI: What message do you want your readers to take away when reading your books?

S. FROST: The biggest thing I want readers to take away from my stories is that you can get over anything. Sometimes when we are in the middle of the storm, we forget that we are stronger than we know. We forget that in a tunnel of darkness, there is an exit full of light.

VERSAFI: What does being an author mean to you?

S. FROST: Being an author means the world to me. It means that you are a storyteller and an entertainer. Books allow people to know that they aren’t the only ones going throw something. On top of that, stories enable people to escape the problems of their lives for a while. I love being an author. When readers message me to talk about one of my books that brings me so much joy.

VERSAFI: If you could co-author with any author dead or alive, who would it be and why?

S. FROST: There are so many authors I would love to work with. If I had to pick someone right now, I would say, Theresa Hodge. I read so many of her books.

VERSAFI: Do you have a favorite book that you have read in the past?

S. FROST: There are several books that I reread all the time. They are Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, Fall Back Skywards by Autumn Grey, A Night to Remember by A.L. Laris. Last but not least, Stanton box set by T.L. Swan.

VERSAFI: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

S. FROST: Hopefully in five years, I will still be a writer, but I want to be a screenwriter. I want to move into making movies.

VERSAFI: Have you ever thought about being an author full-time?

S. FROST: I would love to be a full-time writer. It’s not as easy trying to make a living as a writer.

VERSAFI: Tell us about your marketing strategies as an author.

S. FROST: One of my marketing strategies is to hire a promoter. My promoter is Unique Griffin from Unique Words. Then on top of that, I run promotion ads on Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes I may do a book trailer as well.

VERSAFI: Do you have any current book projects that you are working on?

S. FROST: I have a few books already in the pipeline. I have one that I’m writing now called “Deceit”. It will be part of a series.

VERSAFI: How many books have you published in total?

S. FROST: I think I have published thirty books so far. Twenty-seven books under the pen name T.M. Pigatt. One book under the pen name Maria P. Now two books under my new pen name S. Frost.

VERSAFI: How can readers connect with you and support you?

S. FROST: I have an author page on Amazon. They can hit the follow button, which will allow them to be notified when I release a new book. Also, I have a page on Instagram, which is . My Facebook link is People can message me, and I will respond.

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