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On-Air Personality, Author and Entrepreneur Shares Tips and Inspiration on Business Ventures

VERSAFI THE BLOG: What was the inspiration behind creating your business?

SHERYL: I’ve always had a passion for helping individuals. I have been blessed with the opportunity to working in my areas of passion: children, animals and education. I worked as the Development Director for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central Florida, The Orlando Humane Society (now called Pet Alliance), The Downs Syndrome Association of Central Florida, Junior Achievement of Central Florida, and as the Vice President of Admissions for Corinthian Colleges. Often times in life we are given an opportunity to take a leap of faith. That’s an opportunity to rewrite your narrative. A time to pose the question, what do you really want. I really want people to, Rise and Shine. Rise; operate at your best. Then, Shine so bright that others will take notice. Our company focus is twofold; to help businesses eliminate waste and decrease their employee turnover, while increasing customer retention. The second, is our company vision statement. To shift the foundation of thought, expand the possibilities for achievements and wake up the human potential to fulfill an individual’s aspirations.


VERSAFI: Is there a specific message you have for potential clients who are interested in your services?

SHERYL: Yes, if it can be measured, it can be improved. This is for both the business and one’s life. For businesses we use the methodology of Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen to ensure the sustainability of improvement to the processes. We have revolutionized the Lean method, to ensure one has the same opportunity to improve the processes for success, in their personal life. We are often more productive at work because there is a standardized process that we follow; it was created for success. At Rise and Shine we use that same method teaching, ‘individual improvement’. We eliminate the waste, look at any non-value added activity and implement an improvement plan, using data and facts. Our program is, The LEAD Experience: Journey to Self. LEAD, stands for Loyalty to Self, Energy to perform, Attitude for excellence and Determination to succeed. You can go to our website and download our LEAD-Lib, a form of self-discovery, to see where you should begin. It will definitely be an eye-opener.


VERSAFI: Where do you see yourself and your business in five years?

 SHERYL: I see our LEAD concept crossing the waters into every business, small or large, seeking something different, something revolutionary, and something that will help their business, their lives and the lives of their employees; at all levels. A holistic approach to leadership and employee development. Let’s rename it and call it “individual development” for your professional and personal success. We don’t have poor people in great processes. We have great people in poor processes. Let’s fix that and we can prosper in business and in our personal lives.


VERSAFI: Any business tips on aspiring business owners?


  • Operate with a mindset of servant leadership.
  • Use customer first thinking.
  • Remember your best asset is your human capital.
  • Set the company culture to an environment of growth, communication and transparency.
  • Always use the Lean method, “go and see”.


Connect with Sheryl Mays

Instagram: @dreamspirebooks

Facebook: Sheryl Mays



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