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4 Holiday Tips to Make Extra Money for your Business

The holidays are right around the corner and a lot of businesses want to make some extra cash. With the year 2020 dealing with the pandemic, a lot of businesses were forced to close down because not enough people or money was coming to the business. If you are full-time entrepreneur or have a virtual or online business, this may not have affected you at all and if it did, probably a little bit if clients weren’t able to buy services or products from you. Don’t worry! There are a lot of creative ways to make extra money and another side hustle! Since the shut-down, there has been thousands of people that created another business so that they can continue to support themselves and their family. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as we approach the holidays.

  1. Create bundles– Bundles is a great package and way for you to start doubling up the products and make a reasonable profit off of it. For example, if you offer services in your business, why not offer three services for the price of one? If you write press releases, you can make a bundle of three or four press releases for one set price! A lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs can use a press release for new product releases or relaunches.
  2. Create special prices– There is nothing wrong with offering a special price for your customers and clients. Treat them with a lower price for just a special time of the year and what better way to show your customers your appreciation by offering a discount when they check-out or creating a special price. For example if you sell a product for $45, for the holidays, consider offering it for $25 for a limited time.
  3. Running social media ads: A lot of businesses create sponsored ads that will market directly to their  targeted audience of choice. Choose a budget of your choice and a timeframe that you would like your ad to run for. You will be amazed who will buy from you by clicking on the product or website.
  4. Offer a free item when they purchase. Try creating a holiday package for a good price and within the package, offer a free service or product. A lot of people do love free items and most likely they will buy.


Let’s all put these business tips to work and start creating special prices and packages just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Get creative! Start creating and start putting your marketing tools to the test!

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