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Chart-Topping Singer-Songwriter Porcelan Releases New Album ‘Mood Ring’

Recording artist and songwriter, born and Raised in the Westwood area of South Memphis, TN. is today’s contemporary urban/R&B “It Girl”. PORCELAN couldn’t help but ultimately pursue her musical aspirations, having immediately absorbed her historic musical surroundings from a young age while growing up in a family of instinctively musical people. “I don’t really remember it being anything I heard on the radio; I really remember it being my family, like my Mom singing,” recalls the breakout songstress, when asked about the source of her first musical impression. “My parents are singers and musicians, so at family reunions it was really like `a thing’.


Patrice: I am happy to have you back again to talk to you about your new album Mood Ring that is out now.

Porcelan: Thank you. I’m happy to be back!

Patrice: What was the inspiration behind the album title “Mood Ring”?

Porcelan: People expect artists to be boxed in, especially women. I’m in the mood when I’m hungry, when I’m happy, when I’m sad; I’m just in a mood! It isn’t too far from who I am and I can relate to relationships. That’s one of the main things I love about R N B because it talks about love and experiences that’s relatable and I wanted “Mood Ring” to be an example of that. I wanted the sequence of it to be in love, to be uncertain to being frustrated to being in a dark place. As far as moods, I have sassy vibes, love, like I’m over it vibes and that’s what I wanted “Mood Ring” to be so that people can gravitate on most of the songs and for people to connect with them.

Patrice: I like the whole concept of that. It reminds me of when we were younger and mood rings were in style to tell you what your mood is at that moment. Or one of those balls that you shake and it tells you a color or a word, I forgot lol.

Porcelan: Yea, that’s exactly where I got the idea from. I’m not sure if it supposed to change with the temperature or what.

Patrice: Exactly! (laughs) Now with a lot of people creating new projects during this pandemic, did you created your album during Covid-19 or did you already had the idea in mind before hand?

Porcelan: I created this project through the pandemic. I had some songs prior to. Once I got a certain vibe, I wanted to continue to build off of this space and it just kind of continued during the pandemic. I had time to think about how I wanted the project to be.

Patrice: I agree because during the pandemic, you have nothing but time to create new projects. When things shut down back in March, people couldn’t really go anywhere. It was a great time to focus on your passion and your craft. Now I want to talk about one of your singles on your album “Switch Up.” It was on my playlist before the album dropped. Can you tell the readers a little bit more about that song?

Porcelan: A lot of my songs on my album comes from a real place. I’m trying not to talk mess about men (laughs). It’s just these relationships I been in. “Switch Up” is just another one of those examples. If you aren’t serious about it, don’t lead me on because you will make me dislike you. It’s still a romantic song but it’s saying “Hey what are we doing here? I’m thinking one minute we cool and the next you are changing up” Some men don’t know how to give love or receive it. It’s just a change of behavior because you think everything is great and you want it to be consistent and “Switch Up” is one of those records where I was going through something at the time and I’m like “Man every time I want love or show somebody the attention that I think they want and once you play into their hands, they get into this space like “I got her” So that’s one of those records about switching up.

Patrice: I’m loving that whole vibe to that whole inspiration! Well it’s definitely on my playlist!

Porcelan: Thank you! I’m glad that you liked it!

Patrice: Now that the album has dropped, what are your next plans?

Porcelan: I’m definitely going to release some more music videos from the album and just keep the press going. I’m also going to relaunch my Christmas album. I basically write a lot of my stuff so I’m not going to write on all of it, but some of it. I love collaborating so I’m always to collaborate because I feel like more lines can make it a big record and big records means including more than one person. I always try to collaborate with people that I love that’s considered my family so I’m really excited about relaunching my Christmas album. I put it out last year, but I’m going to drop it again because it happened so fast. It was original and there aren’t a lot of younger artists doing Christmas albums. So I just want to redo the album and give it another chance. If Mariah does it so why not give it a chance? (laughs)

Patrice: Yes, Mariah Carey definitely did her Christmas songs and had her flava to it. So any other artist can do it as well. But I was just about to ask about your Christmas album and I’m over here looking at it. I have a playlist for Christmas music as well.

Porcelan: Dope! I’m always making new playlists as well. I listen to so much music.

Patrice: You mentioned earlier that you want to do more collaborations. Who would you want to collaborate with?

Porcelan: Honestly I would love to collaborate with Drake and I want to do something with Juicy J. Juicy is amazing and always has been. I grew up listening to him. I would to do a record with him and I would love to do a record with Drake. Those are my Christmas wish list artists (laughs).

Patrice: Your wish will definitely come true! I like both of them especially Drake. He is always coming out with something new. Have you done any virtual events during the Pandemic?

Porcelan: I have. I’ve done more venues than virtual events. I’ve done virtual events with I Heart Radio, Dunkin Donuts and more. I’ve done a lot of interviews before the release of the album.  However, I’m working on more virtual events now. I also did something for Global Citizens. It was really nice. It was for the fight for Corona Virus.

Patrice: Sounds great! Virtual seems to be the new normal this year with everyone doing a lot of virtual tours, events and other things. I just want to thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with Versafi for an interview and for my podcast It’s a TRGB Thang! To discuss your new album “Mood Ring” which is now streaming everywhere.

Porcelan: Thank-you! It was dope speaking with you too!


Connect with Porcelan:

Instagram: @porcelanmusic

Twitter: @porcelanmusic

Facebook: @porcelanmusic



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