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Publishing Consultant Pamela D. Smith Helps Christian and Faith- Based Authors Publish Their Books With Empowerment Tools

Patrice: How did your journey in business began?

Pamela: My journey in business began as an extension of my ministry. I have a writing ministry so I was self-publishing my books and using them as a ministry tool. I started receiving a lot of requests from other aspiring authors who were seeking help with self-publishing theirs and that soon gave life to the self-publishing service that I offer.


Patrice: As a business owner, what challenges did you face along the way?

Pamela: As a Publishing Consultant, there are challenges with working with authors who view writing a book as just a bucket list thing, something that they just want to do and scratch off their list. That’s a challenge when you are a writer and you have a literary passion. You want to force that passion on those clients but you can’t. Because you can’t force the passion on them it then becomes a challenge with not being able to serve those potential clients. You want to help everyone who asks, but you have to understand that you just can’t. You have to understand who your remnant of clients are and you have to be firm with only working with them. All of that can be challenging.

Patrice: Tell us a little bit more about your business and what does it intel.

Pamela: My business is an extension of my ministry. I’m in the Empowerment, Information, Publishing business.  As an author I sell books, t-shirts, and empowerment products. As a Publishing Consultant, I help Christian Writers and Aspiring Christian Authors self-publish their books. I’m also a Speaker & Life Coach. Due to COVID I’ve been doing more virtual events. For the last two years I moved away from the life coaching because I no longer had the capacity to do one on one but that will be coming back in the form of group coaching.

Patrice: Are there any classes or workshops that you create for your clients?

Pamela: I’m about to launch a Publishing Coaching service where I help aspiring authors through the writing process and teach them how to self-publish so that they are empowered to do it on their own the next time around. I will also start group life coaching back in the form of Masterclasses.

Patrice: To you, what does the word Entrepreneur mean to you?

Pamela: To me, an Entrepreneur means a person who has created their own lane of solving problems. They are solution oriented. They are people who have stepped away from the cookie cutter way of helping people and making a living, and have found their own way of doing so.

Patrice: How do you balance your work life, personal life and business life all at the same time? Do you find that to be a challenge for you?

Pamela: I balance it by prioritizing what needs my attention the most in the moment that I am in. I had to take the pressure off of myself when I realized a while ago that balance does not mean that every area of my life gets an equal amount of time and attention every day. Balance is today work may get 80% of my time and attention while business and personal life may have to split the other 20% but then tomorrow I need to change that up and give my personal life 70% and the other two areas get what’s left but as long as I keep it in rotation like that then I am balancing it. Where it becomes unbalanced is if every day work, or business, or personal gets all of the time or attention, leaving none for the other areas. That’s when me and everyone around me needs to stand up and say something.

Patrice: Where do you see your business in five years?

Pamela: In 5 years I see my business expanding to more staff. More full time staff because for the third time around I have a part-time VA. In 5 years I plan to have 3 full time Publishing Consultants so that I don’t have to turn ideal clients away or say “I don’t have capacity right now” like I have to do more than I’d like to now. I really need that kind of business growth because I love helping others with publishing so much that I would really like to keep my hand in it in some way however I love writing my own books, ministry, and life coaching more so with the growth and expansion I can do more of that and let staff handle the publishing.

Patrice: What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a business owner/entrepreneur?

Pamela: I would advise them to not despise small beginnings. We are in a season where so many want it overnight and are abandoning their dreams and not fully developing their talents because they were led to think that Entrepreneurship is a get rich quick type of thing. Listen, do not get weary in well-doing, in due time you will reap if you faint not. We have too many that are fainting because they have been misinformed. Stop quitting your job after you’ve made 10,000. You really don’t have to quit after you’ve made 1 million. Set your own standards and move at your own pace.

Patrice: How can readers connect with you?

 Pamela: Instagram @pameladsmith1 or my website

Patrice: What makes you versified?

Pamela:  I understand the power of the written word and how it can be used to transform, create change, inspire, impact and influence. I’m versified because I’m trying to be intentional in using my words in that way.

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