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Black Owned Hair Care Line Vonae` Shares Hair Tips and Natural Hair Journey

Vonaé is a hair care company that is dedicated to serving the community with healthy natural products. It uses exotic and ayurvedic ingredients that contain moisture-rich and healing properties for the hair. The company was founded due to the lack of safe, chemical free products available on the market for black consumers. The black owned company is based in Norfolk, VA and is ran by 29 year old Nia Surles.
Nia Surles is a natural hair specialist from Durham, North Carolina. She is married to Raheem Surles, with three sons and one daughter. She began her own natural hair journey in 2008 and soon started serving others in 2013.  It was only until after she moved to San Diego that she realized the major difference that completely natural products had on the hair. After experimenting and repairing her own hair with natural products and treatments, she started offering the same to her clients. Clients loved the results of longer-lasting moisture and shinier hair. She created Vonaé to continue serving her clients and others with natural products that they could trust to be beneficial and safe for their hair and health.


Versafi: Tell the readers more about yourself.

Vonae: You know that friend who is spiritual and all about their peace, gives the most remarkable non-judgmental advice and loves to cook, that’s me. I’m a genuine soul sister who always wants better for my fellow sisters and will support them in any way I can. I’m all about God, family, love, and positive energy.

Versafi: What was the inspiration behind your hair company Vonae`? I love the idea that you named your hair brand after your daughter.

Vonae: Vonaé has always been my goal once I became a natural hairstylist. As everyone knows, natural hair stylists are not able to provide treatments that contain chemicals. I’m a solution thinker, so I came up with my natural ones. My clients loved the results from these treatments and preferred them over the store-bought ones. Knowing that my products were great made me more confident and gave me that push in creating Vonaé. Everyone always asks, “How did you come up with the name?” This company is the start of generational black wealth passed down from me to my daughter, and so on. So it was only right to name the company after her.

Versafi: Because the hair and beauty industry is continuously growing, how do your hair care products help different African American community hair types?

Vonae: I’ve had all hair types and porosities to try out these products, and they’ve worked well for each. Because my creations are organic and natural based, there are no issues with the hair completely absorbing them, allowing the products to work. I take my time to study every ingredient before I choose to use it in my products. This is how I can ensure that these products will provide excellent results each time. I refrain from following trends because half the time, the ingredient can be harmful to the hair. For example, turmeric is becoming a popular ingredient in cosmetics, but it contains natural compounds that naturally weaken the hair at the roots. Many people don’t know that turmeric is used topically to remove hair because of this. I want the community to see the brand Vonaé and immediately see that they can trust this natural product because of the thoroughness that goes into it.


Versafi: How has your natural hair journey been for you? Can you share some tips on maintaining healthy hair?

Vonae: I’m going to be real and let you know my natural hair journey started as a head full of damaged hair! I tried everything with my hair, even down to bleaching it, which completely broke my hair off. Shocking right? Let me say this; PRODUCTS DO MATTER! I tried a product from almost every line, and all of them contained harsh chemicals that were damaging my hair and curl pattern. I remember trying so hard to elongate my curls or to make it straighter with these products. It wasn’t until I embraced my curls that I started to take care of my hair naturally. Now my hair is exceptionally thick and healthy.

For tips, I will say to make sure you are keeping your hair moisturized. That’s the most important thing when it comes to natural hair. It prevents fairy knots, tangles, breakage, and split ends. It’s a common complaint that people do not see any growth, and usually, it’s because your hair is breaking off faster than it is growing. Keep your hair moisturized to prevent breakage and retain the length. You can keep the hair moisturized by deep conditioning or washing the hair weekly to rehydrate it completely. Also, make sure to keep up with protein treatments and help fill in damaged spots on the coat that allow moisture to escape.

Versafi: For your hair products, what are some of the main ingredients that you use?

Vonae: Some of the main ingredients I use are Black Seed Oil, Hemp Oil, Ucuuba Butter, Mango Butter, and Aloe Vera. The black seed oil contains an antihistamine that dermatologists prescribe to those experiencing alopecia or hair loss. Hemp oil is very rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that the hair needs to produce new hair growth. These two combined help grow healthy hair growth. Ucuuba and Mango butter help restore the hair’s elasticity and help to seal in moisture. Aloe Vera provides instant hydration to the hair to help prevent breakage.

Versafi: There are so many great hair products already out at markets and retailers for natural hair. What makes your hair care line unique?

Vonae: My hair care line searches and uses only natural ingredients that are beneficial to the hair.  A brand can say it is all-natural, but it doesn’t mean that it is excellent for the hair. Alcohol is natural, but it’s damaging to the hair. Many brands will also put cheap fillers in their products, so you’re not getting pure beneficial oils or ingredients. Vonaé uses nothing but pure, raw ingredients, so you’re getting your money’s worth and nourishing your hair. Plus, I love to use exotic, new elements, so you may see something you haven’t heard of within my product line.


Versafi: Marketing is the number one business tip when trying to sell products. What marketing strategies/techniques works best for you when getting new clients to buy?

Vonae: I’m still learning that. Marketing for any new business is a little tricky at first. If the product works, though, people will eventually come to know or hear about it. Word of mouth through social media helps a lot! Reviews that my customers give are also what brings in a lot of new clients. Just showcasing what the products do help put new clients at ease about purchasing. I have brand ambassadors that give genuine feedback about the products by showing how they are using them and their results.


Versafi: What would you say are your top three sellers?

Vonae: Surprisingly, my hair kits are my best sellers. When people want to try the products, they want to try the whole line. I can honestly say that each product is fantastic and does exactly what it says it will do.

Versafi: The pandemic this year has been hectic for a lot of small business owners. Has it affected your business at all?

Vonae: I have noticed a slow in sales here and there, but it hasn’t stopped my business from prospering. If my business can survive this pandemic, I know it will soon become a bigger brand.

Versafi: What can readers expect from Vonae` for the remainder of 2020 and 2021?

Vonae: You can expect Vonaé to keep growing throughout the year and the next. I aim to have Vonaé as a household brand name, and that’s what it will be! I will be expanding into local stores, and I hope to keep that same expansion until we are available nationwide. If you want to try out Vonaé, I do have a couple of new products coming out soon and great sales for the holiday season that you don’t want to miss.

Versafi: How can readers connect with you and purchase your products?

Vonae: You can always connect with me through our social media or website. Follow us on Instagram at Like us on Facebook at Check out our website at



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