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God’s Treasure: Author Treasure Hutchinson Shares Insight on New book and Journey as an Author

Treasure joined Human Resource Business Partners in 2007 as a Jr. Associate. It is here that she found her passion and mission to help others by assisting professionals to find the best positions for them, as well as assisting clients to find the best candidates. She now serves as the Vice President/Executive Recruiter for the organization. Treasure also serves as a Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker. She is also a Co-Author for the Amazon #1 Best Selling Author for the book Words from a Widow: Embracing Our New Normal. The chapter titled, “Finding Treasure in the Sea of Darkness.” Treasure is the Author of her new book Divorce, Death, and Dating Before the Age of 40. Treasure received her MBA from Troy University and a BA in Business Administration/ Marketing from Clark Atlanta University. Treasure has gone on to work in the petroleum/retail industry as well as the banking industry. She has over 10 years’ of experience in the field. This wealth of knowledge in retail has been a great asset to her in the recruiting industry. It is also in this work that Treasure has been able to continue her family’s legacy of service.


“Just be you and no one else.  I love being an author and no one can take that away from me.”

Versafi: How did your journey as an author began?

Treasure: It was by accident.  I knew I had a story and had to share it.

Versafi: Was becoming a writer something you always wanted to pursue?

Treasure: Not at all.  This came to me 3-4 years ago.

Versafi: Who motivated you?

Treasure: My life story.  I knew I could help someone.  My life story was such a tragedy and I knew I could help someone.

Versafi: How does it feel to be a published author?

Treasure: It feels amazing!

Versafi: What message do you want your readers to take away when reading your books?

Treasure: That there is healing in your story.

Versafi: What does being an author mean to you?

Treasure: That you can accomplish anything through the Grace of God!

Versafi: If you could co-author with any author dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Treasure: Maya Angelou.  I have come to know her as an author.  I would have loved to work with her.

Versafi: Do you have a favorite book that you have read in the past?

Treasure: The Bible because it has become my forever favorite.

Versafi: Have you ever thought about being an author full-time?

Treasure: Wow!  No, not as this time, but I do love writing.

Versafi: Tell us about your marketing strategies as an author.

Treasure: Just be you and no one else.  I love being an author and no one can take that away from me.

Versafi: Do you have any current book projects that you are working on?

Treasure: Yes, I do.  Divorce, Death, and Dating Before 40 came out on 9/20/20!  My first solo book.

Versafi: How many books have you published in total?

Treasure: I have published a total of two books.

Versafi: How can readers connect with you and support you?

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