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Micaela Thomas Writes on Experiences of Emotional Baggage and Encourages Women Through Empowering Book


Micaela L. Thomas is a wife and mother. Co-captain of a large, blended family, she parents six biological children, four stepchildren, and one bonus child with husband, Kendrick. Born in March 1987, she grew up in East Cleveland, OH, to a single mother and loving family village. Micaela has always had a knack for writing. Whether it was poetry, plays, songs, books, or short stories, she could always utilize her imagination to keep her centered from the internal turmoil that brewed within. Eventually relocating to Columbus, OH., this is where she began discovering her various talents. The story of Micaela’s life has been kept secret for the majority of her 33-years of existence. She has now decided to share her journey to encourage and betterment others who may be suffering in silence. She hopes to assist in advocating for the intentional healing of others through her own journey of self-awareness and manifestation.

“Being an author isn’t just writing a book and publishing it. It’s bearing your soul. It’s sharing your vulnerabilities and gifting readers with valuable information. As an author, you’re providing a window, a way out of reality for that moment.”

Versafi: How did your journey as an author began?

Micaela: My journey as an author began unexpectedly. I never thought that I would be an author. My journey to being an author actually started out as me, writing in a journal. During my storm, I didn’t feel as though I had any one, I could talk to that was trustworthy with my secrets, my pains or my vulnerabilities so I would put it all on paper. It wasn’t until years later that my family encouraged me to share my story with others. As a result, my journal entries became my story and my story transitioned me into becoming an author.

Versafi: Was becoming a writer something you always wanted to pursue?

Micaela: No, I’ve always wanted to be singer, believe it or not lol I wanted to be a professional singer, actress and anything that involved being in entertainment. However, now that I have had a taste for writing, I have so many more stories to share.

Versafi: Tell us more about your book “Stripped to my Truth: Unpacking the Emotional Baggage” Was this based on your life experiences?

Micaela: Yes! STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH: UNPACKING THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE is based on my life experiences. It is a look into the life of a woman who was unsure of who she was and her vulnerabilities, not just as an individual, but as a daughter, a friend, a significant other and a mother. A lot of what I have gone through is so relatable to things others have gone through, but it’s not always spoken about. This was my way of doing that, as well as letting people know that it IS okay to NOT be okay. That life doesn’t end just because your storms seem unbearable at that time.

Versafi: What advice would you give to women who is still holding on to their emotional baggage?

Micaela: Let it go, Sis!! It’s not worth holding onto. “Bag Lady” isn’t just a song. And if you’re not sure how to let it go, seek assistance with that. There’s no shame in seeking a counselor or therapist. Our mental health is everything! We need that in tact and in alignment before we can conquer other achievements.

Versafi: How does it feel to be a published author?

Micaela: It feels absolutely AH-MAZING to be a published author! I love being able to share my story and inspire others to keep pressing on.

Versafi: What message do you want your readers to take away when reading your book?

Micaela: I don’t want them to just read my story and say or think “Wow, she had a hard time or a hard life.” What I’d love for them to take away from my book is resilience, encouragement, strength and understanding in knowing that they, too, can persevere no matter the odds that are against them. I want my readers to know that their healing is a process and that it’s okay to remove all the layers they’ve piled onto themselves to live their truth and their best life.

Versafi: What does being an author mean to you?

Micaela: Being an author isn’t just writing a book and publishing it. It’s bearing your soul. It’s sharing your vulnerabilities and gifting readers with valuable information. As an author, you’re providing a window, a way out of reality for that moment. Or in this case, a different view of reality with answers of potentially living a better life. There is power in words and as authors, we possess an even greater power to make sure it’s available to our audiences.

Versafi: If you could co-author with any author dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Micaela: That’s a tough one! There are so many great authors. I would have to say though that I would love to definitely co-author with the late GREAT author, Toni Morrison. She is my idol as an African American novelist.

Versafi: Do you have a favorite book that you have read in the past?

Micaela: I have a couple of favorite books; The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and The Coldest Winter Ever by Sistah Souljah

Versafi: Tell us about your marketing strategies as an author.

Micaela: My marketing strategies as an author are to just be authentic. To be seen and heard by those who are in search of solutions, inspiration and encouragement. To share my stories and be relatable so that people are not persuaded by ‘gimmicks’, but have a sense of comfort, of reassurance, knowing that someone else was brave enough to step forward and say the things they may have been too afraid to say.

Versafi: Any new projects you are working on in 2020?

Micaela: I am currently in the midst of writing my second book! I am also still promoting STRIPPED TO MY TRUTH: UNPACKING THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE. I will be apart of THE 3R’S (Renew, Reset & Restore) TO SHIFT YOUR MINDSET FOR 2021 1-Day Virtual Conference taking place on December 27th from 6p-10p. This is definitely an opportunity that you won’t want to miss. Especially if you’re looking to align yourself with everything you want in 2021.

Versafi: What has this year taught you?

Micaela: 2020 has taught me to be appreciative of life. Never take anything or anyone for granted. It’s taught me that life is too short to sit around and wait for healing, for miracles or for happiness. If you want it, pray about it and then do the work to get it! This year has been something crazy for all of us, but it’s taught me that I am my biggest hinderance. And it has SHOWN me that my Faith are bigger than my Fears.

Versafi: Do you feel that black authors are celebrated and supported enough in their communities?

Micaela: No, I don’t. Black authors, I feel are overlooked and underrated. We are treated indifferently in our own communities. Black authors, I feel, are almost ignored. I feel like we have a small percentage of support, but it could be better. A lot better.

Versafi: How are you versified?

Micaela: I am versified as triumphant. As a “tough cookie” with a heart of gold. I am versified by my relatable experiences and close connections I’ve made with those weathering some of the same storms.


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YouTube: Stripped To My Truth (Debuting 1/4/2021)



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