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Best-Selling Author and Savvy Entrepreneur Drops Gems on Venney Girl, Inc and Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

An advocate, boss babe, entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author are just a few words to summarize who Shaleea Venney is. A phenomenal woman who is all about standing on her own two feet and helping others is a reason why her non-profit ‘Venney Girl, Inc” was birthed out of her own experiences of being a “teen mom champion” She wanted to help young women who are at risk and with this booming organization, the mission is ‘Empowerment’ Shaleea presents the tools needed to break generational curses and blossom into fearless and powerful powerhouses of their own. Born in Long Beach, California, this womanpreneur is also the badass host of her very own podcast “Girl Which Way?! Be on the look-out for what Shaleea has in store. 


 Inspiration behind creating Venney Girl, INC

” I created my business because I was miserable not using my gifts. I didn’t have a choice really. I just wanted to write and share my heart because that is what made me the happiest. That’s the thing about operating in our gifts, we think it’s for one thing but then God steps in and shows us it was never meant for us, it was meant for something bigger than ourselves.”


What does her business intel

“I started out just writing books but my business has morphed before my eyes. I started with one book and now I have 5!- 4 of which have hit bestsellers list! This turned into me coaching other authors. Which led to my speaking career. Next I built my non profit to reach at risk girls. This led to my “Girl! Which Way?!” Podcast. Now I have flashcards, greeting cards, t shirts, I ghostwrite, I do content editing for businesses and websites, I have a blog, I do product reviews for other brands, vow writing and speech writing, and I even have my own mobile app!”

 Five years from now

“In 5 years, I see my Author Brand and Podcast being a global sensation. I see my non profit Venney Girl Inc. having a chapter in all 50 states so that we can reach more and more girls. I also would like to add a special VGI branch for our boys. That’s in the works as well. The goal is not to make money, it is to make an impact.”

Advice for future entrepreneurs

 “My advice to future entrepreneurs is to just go for it. Make a solid action plan with measurable goals and do it. The key is to give yourself deadlines. Don’t say I will start a business. WHEN! Say “I will have my business up and running by a specific date” and go and do all of the specifics that need to be done to hit your target. You’ve been waiting for the right time to launch your business/brand but it never seems to be right. The secret that most entrepreneurs already know is that it will NEVER be the right time. There’ll always be a reason why you shouldn’t do it “right now”. Do it anyway. Do it afraid. Do it full of uncertainty. Time will keep on moving whether you start or not, don’t look up and let another year pass you by without going for yours!”


What an entrepreneur means to Shaleea

“Lots of people see being an entrepreneurship as being the boss and making money. To me, being an entrepreneur means owning my time and being able to decide what I sign on to do and what I don’t. It’s being able to live on my own terms. No bosses to get permission from to pick up a sick child, no one to tell you where you have to be or, when to come and go. Being an entrepreneur gives you freedom. That by no means, means it easier than working a 9-5 quite the contrary, it’s HARD! You need to show up every day but you show up on your own terms.


How Shaleea is Versafied

” I think my business is the definition of versified. Life is a series of moments and experiences- good or bad. I document your rhythm and your blues so that years from now, even when your memory fades, you can remember how you felt, how it tasted- bitter and sweet, and how you made it through. If life is all about moments- you should be experiencing each and every one of them- I just help you with the words to tell your story. “





Connect with Shaleea:

Instagram: @shaleea_venney

Facebook: Author Shaleea Venney



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