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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Actress and Author Jennifer Freeman Stars in Three Christmas Movies this Year!


Versafi: Thank you so much Jennifer for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down and interview with Versafi Media. We are excited that you are here today to talk about your many accomplishments.

Jennifer: Thank you! I’m glad to be here talking with you as well!

Versafi: You are welcome! You are definitely the Queen of Christmas starring in not one, but three Christmas movies this year. I enjoyed watching all three of them; they were awesome!

Jennifer: Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed them!

Versafi: You are definitely all about spreading the holiday cheer and making sure that even if we are quarantining at home that we can kind of spend Christmas with you, by watching one of your 3 movies dropping this month, which are” Beaus of Holly,” “The Business of Christmas” and “The Christmas Kiss”, tell us about them?

Jennifer: Yes, so “The Business of Christmas” was really fun because Daphne Reid from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” played my mom so that was super fun watching her. The movie had a very cool cast. The movie is about a family who owns a toy store which is their family business and they are moving it. The parents aren’t telling the kids right away and calls them to come home for Christmas. They are all grown and living their own lives. Basically they are too busy and there is a health scare with the father and they have to all come home and now they realize the importance of family. I really like the message of the movie because even with this year not waiting until it’s too late. Spend time with your loved ones and telling them that you love them. “The Christmas Kiss” was super fun. It was like a twist on Cinderella. The Christmas Kiss premiered on BET + on December 10th. It stars me, Laila Odom, Taja V. Simpson, and Golden Brooks. That is about this corky assistant that gets a makeover by her friends. I portray one of her best friends. It’s kind of like a twist on Cinderella. The assistant is looking good, in the elevator, and kisses this guy who happens to be her boss’ boyfriend. She later finds out and so he of course, did not recognize her when she’s all dressed up or the magical moment they shared. I don’t want to give away too much of the story but it’s such a cute film. We had a lot of fun filming it. I love Golden, she is awesome and so fun to work out. Our girls went to pre-school together so that was cool! Then “Beaus of Holly” was on ION network television is about a girl named Holly who has Type A personality. She has a greeting card store and has everything planned out for the next five years. Holly feels like it’s time to get marry and to get this plan going. So she decides to propose to her boyfriend and she plans this romantic Christmas vacation not taking it into consideration that he could possibly say no. He does say no and Holly is left to go on this vacation anyway and it turns out to be the best vacation that has ever happen. She discovers what life is really about and finds her true love.

Versafi: Great plots! What did you enjoyed most about filming these movies?

Jennifer: I love acting. It was really amazing to just be able to do what we love to do during the time of a pandemic. We were really able to come together and do something that we would know would put a smile on people’s faces. That was a good feeling and I feel honored and grateful to have done these movies during the pandemic. It really has brought me some assurance.

Versafi: Did you film these movies during Covid-19 and if so how was it working in close quarters with other actors and on a production set with all that is going on?

Jennifer: Yes, we did film during Covid-19 and they had different precautions such as getting tested every other day and if someone comes up positive you don’t go to work that day and production is stopped. Everyone then has to quarantine. It’s really pretty safe and everyone is in the same boat of being responsible. We want to keep filming and stay healthy.

Versafi: That is very true. Since the pandemic and a lot of things being shut down, it has been hard for a lot of people. A lot of films has been pushed back in the movie theaters as well.  You also added author to your name as well. What is the name of your book and what’s the inspiration behind it?

Jennifer: The name of my book is called “Journey to Loving Myself” It is a 21-day devotional and the inspiration behind writing it was when I got to the point where I felt like I didn’t love myself. I wanted to go on this journey with God and self-discovering what the cause was to the lack of not loving myself and self-acceptance. I wanted to do the work necessary to accept fully who I was and just being happy with me.

Versafi: That’s really deep and great to learn. Self-acceptance is very important and a lot of young women suffer from that and feel like they have to look a certain way or become a certain way. You’re not just an actress, but you are a mother to 10- year old daughter Bella, tell us what you’re doing to keep the Happy in your Happy Holidays this year?

Jennifer: This year we are looking to create new memories whatever that looks like. Baking and still being happy, turning off the news and spending time together. Also playing games and coming up with new creative ways to have fun and staying cozy together during the holidays.

Versafi: What’s next for Jennifer Freeman in 2021?

Jennifer: What’s next is definitely the podcast. I am excited for going into 2021 with my purpose work. I will also be producing next year and hopefully writing another book. I am really excited about 2021 and everything it has in store.

Versafi: That sounds amazing! We definitely have to stay tuned to these projects you have coming up in the new year.


Listen to full interview below


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