How is your Mental Health?

With everything that is going on in the world, it is understandable why mental health in some people may be on the edge. People have lost their jobs, their houses […]

2nd Annual Glambitious Virtual Book Fair Glambitious I Am platform is for women entrepreneurs and brands that are looking to gain more exposure. Check out one of the events by Lillie Mae, Owner and Founder […]

I Need Thee (Almighty God)

   By Keywana Wright, Author You, Lord are all I have, and you give me all I need; my future is in your hands. Psalm 16:5 How many of you […]

New Podcast Venture

Check out my podcast, Let’s Talk Cell Talk with Patrice Rivers, on Anchor! New Health Podcast to educate on Sickle Cell Disease.

Book Review: Fame by Robert Horton

  Versafi Magazine has gotten a chance to interview Robert Horton back in June to learn more about his writing journey. With Fame being his third book of poetry, it […]