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Thank you for choosing Versafi Magazine to advertise and feature with us! We are glad to have you as a client whether you choose to be featured in our print/digital issue or online.  Our goal at Versafi Magazine is to help your business/brand get the exposure that it truly deserves.  We have several opportunities for you and I hope that with Versafi you will continue to collaborate with us as clients.  Our media platform is here for your best needs and we want to let you know that we are here to listen and lend out a helping hand.



∞Patrice Rivers

Editor N Chief





Versafi Magazine Promotions and Opportunities




Online Cover: $35

You will get your own personalized cover with an interview.

Sharable Link to Interview

Proofreading  Service

Permanent Placement in Achieves






Versafi Author Packages













Versafi Packages for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs




Versafi Business VIP     $100

Customized Online Cover + Interview

Editing Services

One Month of social media promotion

One Month of Online Advertisement

Newsletter Spotlight

 Promo Video

Press Release

Listing in Versafi Business Directory

Business Highlight

Personal Placement in Achieves

Versafi Business Premium   $80

Customized Online Interview

Proofreading Service

14 days of social media promotion

14 days of online Advertisement

Newsletter spotlight

 Promo Video

Sharable Link

Personal Placement in achieves

Listing in Business Directory


Versafi Business Standard    $60

Online Interview

Proofreading Service

7 days of social media promotion

7 days of Online Advertisement

Permanent placement in achieves

Sharable link to interview





Business Highlight (businesses and non-profits) Have your brand or business highlighted online or in the print issue telling our audience all about your business/brand and the services you offer.  This highlight is a short feature of 300 to 500 words with three questions. Your business will automatically get added to the Versafi Business Directory.


$10 for online

$15 for print



Print/Digital Advertisement Prices:

One Full Page- $100

*This includes a personalized ad created by Versafi that will be placed in the print and digital issue of the magazine as well as on the website for that month.

Half Page-$50

*This includes a personalized ad created by Versafi that is placed in the print/digital issue and online as well for that month.



Online Advertisement Price:


3 days: $20

1 week: $35

2 weeks: $45

1 Month: $75


∞If you need a personalized ad, it will be an additional $15






Newsletter Spotlight: $20

Business Highlight: $10

Promo Video- $30

1 Week of social media promotion: $25




Write for Versafi Magazine!


Here at Versafi Magazine, we are always open to contributing writers and bloggers who are interested in expanding their writing experience and portfolio.  We are always taking submissions all year long for online and for the print/digital issue. If you are interested in contributing to the magazine, please send two writing samples and your blog/website to


Topics for consideration:




∞Business and Lifestyle

∞ Health and Wellness